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Court documents indicate the sexual assault was so violent, the victim was bleeding. She recognized it as a video recorder, and she screamed. Wagner will be in court on June 17th for his preliminary hearing.

The complaint indicates one of the boys put his hands around her neck and she couldn't breathe.

She told investigators her legs felt like water, like Jello. She woke up inside a garage, with a group of kids who were already on police radar.

"These kids we've had an eye on for awhile -- involved in many types of activity.

This result supports the conclusion that tissue-specific signals emanating from the stroma and from the differentiated somatic cells of the mouse mammary gland can redirect the NSCs to produce cellular progeny committed to MEC fates.

We thank Dr Jeffrey Rosen for critical reading of this manuscript.

This allowed for mammary tissue growth, transient activation of the WAP- cells expressed mammary-specific functions, including milk protein synthesis, whereas others adopted myoepithelial cell fates.

Thus, NSCs and their progeny enter mammary epithelium–specific niches and adopt the function of similarly endowed mammary cells.

The dominance of the niche over the stem cell's autonomous phenotype has been demonstrated in several reports involving cells crossing lineage “boundaries” to regenerate “foreign” tissues.

We previously demonstrated that cells isolated from the seminiferous tubules of the mature testis, when mixed together with normal mammary epithelial cells (MECs), would cooperate with these cells and contribute robust numbers of epithelial progeny to normally growing mammary glands in transplanted mammary fat pads (1).

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