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And I think he’s more fun when he’s slightly behind the game, as opposed to ahead of it.’ The detective is a Venetian based in Rome.

They’re herbal fags – and I specified very early on that I wanted honey-rose.

The assumptions that are made unnecessarily just because people are used to it.

Troubled past, blah blah blah, unconventional methods, blah blah blah. A bloke,’ he says, sitting on a wall outside a villa on the outskirts of Rome, squinting into his lunchtime pasta in the August sunshine.

Zen is forever weaving his way through political intrigue, police sleaze and general societal murk.

Published in 1988, Dibdin’s first outing for Aurelio Zen – in which Zen investigates the kidnapping of a powerful industrialist – is being made into one of the Zen dramas by Left Bank Pictures, the producers responsible for English-language adaptations of Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels, starring Kenneth Branagh in the Bafta-winning lead.

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But what about the other recent television sleuth hit, Sherlock Holmes? If it was about proving a point, I’ve done that before,’ he says, mentioning his pleasure at his well-received, very funny turn as Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew in 2005’s Shakespeare Retold television series, and also his acclaimed appearances in London’s West End and on Broadway in Tom Stoppard’s Rock’n’Roll.

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