Dating goddess

One day while forced to stay in his room taking calls for people, he accidentally dials the Goddess Relief Office and summons the goddess Belldandy, who says she will grant him one wish.

Assuming she's part of an elaborate prank by his seniors, he wishes for her to stay by his side forever.

I really love reading and replying to your comments on my posts and I love seeing my recipes on your table on Instagram!

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and kind of a doormat, often taken advantage of by his classmates.

This sad pickle conundrum is easily solved with homemade quick pickles. The thinner you slice the vegetables, the quicker they soak up the brine.

These onion and carrot quick pickles are ready in under thirty minutes.

Top with crisp cucumber, some fresh green lettuce and tangy pickles. (I’m particular about my pickles like I’m particular about my sandwiches, which is to say that I’m pretty particular in general.) Most pickles are far too salty.

I think they’re trying to make up for all the flavor lost while those pickles sit on the shelf, waiting for us to take their said pickled selves home only to be forgotten in the shadowy nether regions of the refrigerator. Think radishes, cabbage, fennel, shallots, beets, onions and carrots.

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