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“To be able to tell you specifically what I’m expecting to be able to get out of his next week, I’m not able to do that now.” When will Embiid play 5-on-5? “It’s not about being ready for the first practice or the first game,” Colangelo said.“And he will be out there on the first practice and the first game.

There were Ben Simmons’ clandestine workouts at the Sixers’ practice facility in Camden, where, according to Colangelo, he is “dominating the gym,” which is hardly surprising, given the gym’s lack of foot speed. When it came to Joel Embiid’s immediate and long-term future, though, the entrée was word salad, and the Sixers served enough to feed an army.The question is how much, how little, if at all.” In the span of those final two sentences, Colangelo pulled off the neat trick of completely contradicting himself.“I actually have a document that spells out all those criteria,” Colangelo said, “and it’s too much to bore you with.” The Sixers begin training camp Tuesday.The first thing that Brown said, interestingly enough, was that once the season begins, he “will be avoiding this. But in regards to playing 5-on-5 basketball, we can’t give you a direct answer.” Someone asked about the preseason and whether Embiid might suit up for the first, or any, of those games. Will he be ramping that up throughout the preseason? “The thing that you should probably hear the loudest,” Brown said, “is he is so invested in the notion that this part of his health is very parallel to his future and his ability to play at a level.” Of course, it was tough to hear above the din of obfuscation.It’s more not my responsibility to talk a lot about the detail or health of the players.” He lauded the franchise for its recent hire of Dr. “I’ll just add the last thing on Joel’s health,” Colangelo said — in the only moment, during a 90-minute lunch, that he attempted to end the discussion of or stop questions about a particular topic.

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