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Your requests become that much more powerful when others are praying for you as well.

Also, it is a truly divine form of charity to pray for others, especially for those most in need!

I pray for all these folks and their loved ones and ask that each of the people mentioned in these comments are blessed with a specific Christmas miracle. Dear Jesus, please help them all in every way that they need. Tommy12/21/17: Please pray for the healing of my 3 year old son Eli’s eczema and any underlying causes. Release all the stress and fears and keep him healthy and happy. Amen12/21/17: Brothers/Sisters, I have been unemployed for nearly 2 years now. Can no longer afford health insurance and no financial resources. I need a path to a solution and pray that it appears. Lord I offer my life to you and I know you already hear my prayers. Ching12/20/17: I pray for a part time job so that I can then apply for insurance. I pray for my safety always and for my children as well. Kat 12/20/17: When I was a child at 5 years old I witnessed my father murder my mother and then commit suicide.In late February of 2017 my husband was granted a pardon for his illegal entry in the United States thus allowing him the opportunity to be a citizen at the beginning of our immigration case.We were told that we had a 2% chance of getting this far, but it did.He has been suffering from rashes all over his body for the past 3 months since his 3rd birthday. Every time I give an interview in government departments I am not recruited, but there’s corruption. I want to be involved with helping people, as that is what makes me happiest. Jude, I am losing my current medical insurance at the end of this month and I need your intercession now. Me and my brother were taken in by her maternal grandparents.Danielle12/21/17: Please Holy Father and Jesus, hear our suffering. He paid disability insurance, now it is being taken away. Although my grandfather loved us very much he never was able to show it or give us approval.

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I met my first husband and we begin dating before we moved in together.

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