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Gothard, who himself promoted courtship through IBLP and IBLP’s home-school arm, Advanced Training Institute, is currently facing lawsuits after multiple women came forward through the website Recovering Grace to allege a pattern of grooming and sexual abuse by Gothard while they were in their teens.They also alleged mishandling of abuse cases by IBLP leadership.The abstinence pledges, rallies and True Love Waits jewelry all helped normalize parental control over their children’s sexualities and the idea that teenagers’ bodies did not belong to us but to our parents.More broadly, the complementarian theology of male headship and female submission taught in much of the evangelical world helped prime the pump for courtship culture.

Mike Huckabee, incidentally, is also closely associated with now-disgraced alleged sexual predator Bill Gothard and Gothard’s Institute in Basic Life Principles.In the days since I wrote an oped for the Los Angeles Times on evangelical courtship culture and Roy Moore, I’ve heard objections that young courtship and child marriage is not practiced by all evangelicals. However, the teachings about women, sexuality and relationships in broader evangelical culture have contributed to the normalization of courtship culture.Furthermore, the continued association of evangelical and religious right leadership with men who defend child marriage enables those abuses to continue.In a world where female submission is valued and too much independence is a negative, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to concluding that teen girls and young women who haven’t had a taste of independence are an even better option.That’s the logic behind “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s argument for child marriage, and it’s what pastor and home-school leader Kevin Swanson stated explicitly in his defense of Robertson.

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