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There is no short answer for this question but I hope this helps.Looking for answers on the internet...we've all been there.There are more grains of salt to catch in your heart wound than ever before. But wait till they make you feel less hurt,give.yourself time to let their impact be less intense on you..don't be rash and trash it...Open yourself to the idea of seeing them one day as a cherished experience and someday you'll let them remind you of how far you've come from what you once were and smile a proud smile for living through all the hurt.depends on the situation if it was a healthy break up or not or if you still communicate or not. Keep the pictures as memories, or delete them because they're causing you pain.

We're all hypersensitive when it happens, and we're living in an age of hyper-info. Do you feel like they enriched your life for a short time? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then delete them. Do you look back on the memories you made together fondly?If it makes you feel better then yes, you should delete it. To avoid flashbacks whenever you see your pictures. It's just you choose to avoid anything that reminds you of him in any way to ease the pain (if you're hurt.)Acutally yes you should. You are the expert in you, if you're ready you will know Don't delete these. it's the way you were at a particular moment a shutter snapped and a digital sensor touched light. Take a look, think about it, and do what you think's best. For a certain part of your life, he\she was a large part of your life.. If this is not the case, there is no reason to delete every trace of the person, because it will be nice to reminisce at some point. Especially since you don't know if that's how you'll feel later in life. But one day you might want to see those pictures again.However, if you know that by deleting it, not only would it not make you feel better but instead, it'll make you feel bad or regret after, then don't delete it. If you're not deleting pictures of your ex it means somewhere you still miss them or love them. It's your dog, your apartment, your haircut, your vacation, your job, your old bike—everything that was you for that moment, regardless of who you were dating and who you loved. Copy everything that's too much to look at onto an external hard drive or some remote backup system, and then delete it from your machine. While a break up may prompt us to do that, i usually prefer just backing up my phone and hiding the backup somewhere on the computer (or on the cloud).. Once you've moved on, you will probably look at these and cherish the memories.. If you don't want them with you, you can back it up somewhere. It also depends on the equation which you share with your ex and on the reasons why you have split up.

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The pair, who met through Watt’s Houston Texans teammate Brian Cushing (Cushing is married to Ohai’s older sister Megan), are “very happily dating” while balancing busy training and traveling schedules, a source tells PEOPLE.

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