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The whole book is set over one day, interspersed with flashbacks from Cass’s life, which reveal why she retreated from her career a decade ago and what prompted her to return.Barnett proves once again that she can master the art of storytelling and weave a complex, enticing plot into 400 pages.It revivified British cinema just as Welsh’s writing breathed new life into fiction. APOCALYPSE NOW (Heart of Darkness) by JOSEPH CONRAD Published: 1902 Film adaptation: 1979 Director: FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA The most extraordinary of Vietnam films, and by far the craziest version of a Conrad novel ever conceived, Coppola’s Oscar-winning modernisation of Heart of Darkness is without compare.Its hallucinatory feel and dystopian view of American soldiering was achieved only after a shoot so beset with disaster that Coppola compared it to Vietnam itself. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN by CORMAC Mc CARTHY Published: 2005 Film adaptation: 2007 Directors: JOEL AND ETHAN COEN The first literary adaptation by cult writer-directors Joel and Ethan Coen, this chilling film follows Mc Carthy’s bleak novel almost to the letter.A young Richard Attenborough excels as the odious Pinkie in a crime drama that is worlds away from the slick American noirishness cinemagoers were accustomed to in 1947. DRACULA by BRAM STOKER Published: 1897 Film adaptation: 1931 Director: TOD BROWNING Bela Lugosi is Dracula, since he seethed his way to stardom in Browning’s 1931 film.Necessarily cutting out some of Stoker’s extraneous material, this genre-defining horror classic turned out far scarier than the book.In the present day is the life of Dora Fielding, a once prestigious poet in her own right who loved her life in London before moving to the same town with a new husband and baby.As Dora struggles with her isolation and her battles with the upstairs neighbour, she starts to lose her grip on reality and her obsession with Auden intensifies. Buy now This is a beautifully written and evocative story about two lives, and their great love.

Even though audiences still find it hard to negotiate its maze-like narrative, the real point of the exercise is to showcase Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart at their simmering, sexy best. THE 39 STEPS (The Thirty Nine Steps) by JOHN BUCHAN Published: 1915 Film adaptation: 1935 Director: ALFRED HITCHCOCK Adapting Buchan’s 1915 adventure story for the screen was one of Hitchcock’s earliest triumphs.Buy now , the first novel by writer and poet Polly Clark, cleverly connects two imagined lives, flicking between the 1930s and the early 2000s.On one side is poet W H Auden and the two years after university when he taught at a boys’ school, Larchfield, in the small Scottish coastal town of Helensburgh.Now he is rich, and moving back and forth between New York and Florida, but haunted by the past.As a child, he was just a boy from a low-income family in New Jersey.

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Kelly cleverly drops a few red herrings, but the twist is, as one reviewer described, “weepingly good”.

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